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Restore Your Car's Shine: Paint Correction Service

Rediscover the brilliance of your vehicle’s paintwork with our professional paint correction service at PrestigeWorkz. Over time, factors like UV exposure, contaminants, and improper maintenance can dull your car’s finish, leaving it looking lackluster and worn. Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques and premium products to remove swirl marks, scratches, and imperfections, restoring depth, clarity, and shine to your paint. Whether you’re preparing for a show-stopping reveal or simply want to revive your car’s appearance, trust PrestigeWorkz for meticulous paint correction that exceeds expectations. Reveal the true beauty of your vehicle with PrestigeWorkz’s paint correction service.

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The option is perfect for those not pursuing paint perfection or for vehicles with already excellent paint condition. Our main objective is to elevate depth and gloss, while also applying a protective layer for added durability.

Save $100 for this service

2 Step Correction


The option is tailored for customers who desire an impeccable paint finish. Our meticulous process effectively eliminates medium to heavy swirl marks, marring, holograms, and point etching caused by bird dropping or stubborn water spots. The result is extraordinary level of gloss, depth and shine.

Save $100 for this service

1 Step Correction


This service is designed for vehicles that are almost new or have paint in fairly good condition. it effectively addresses light swirl marks, water spots, and scratches on the paint, while greatly improving the gloss and clarity of the finish

Save $100 for this service

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